Sunday, 27 October 2013

Strictly Come Dancing Week 5 Blog

Strictly Come Dancing 2013 Blog WEEK 5
As British Summer Time officially ends and we turn the clocks back to give us all an extra hour in bed, which of our celebrities wish they could turn back the clock to perform again? Whose time is up? As the Barre gets higher and higher, who now cannot meet standard? As our twelve remaining couples become eleven and the leader board starts to show signs of a real divide.

Natalie & Artem Samba C8  D9  L9  B9  T35
These two seem so perfectly matched on the dance floor and with yet another great routine and true Samba performance with no tricks or stunts just great dancing and fabulous choreography, if I had to make any criticism at all it would be for Natalie to be a little softer in the leg action which would help her create a stronger Samba hip action.

Abbey & Aljaz Foxtrot C8  D9  L9  B9  T35
Nobody can deny these two make a stunning couple and they performed an elegant heart felt Foxtrot, there was however quite a bit of gapping from Abbey in her top half and she does still look a little nervous at times, her foot placing could have also been a little neater when striding forward but their chemistry is shown throughout the whole routine.

Dave & Karen Salsa C3  D5  L5  B4  T17
Dave back in his comfort zone of comedy performance, it was quite a fast pacing routine with some very well controlled lifts despite there being hardly any real Salsa but as always he is fun to watch.

Deborah & Robin Viennese Waltz C6  D7  L7  B7  T27
A much better performance from Deborah this week she really looked as if she was enjoying herself again, a great technical routine even though Deborah was a little high in the shoulders at times, but she is definitely improving week after week.

Patrick & Anya Salsa C6  D8  L7  B7  T28
A soulful Salsa from Patrick and with a wrist injury that obviously caused them choreography problems, he did not let it spoil their performance one little bit, and most people would have not danced at all, let’s all hope he repairs quickly for next week.

Fiona & Anton Quickstep C7  D7  L8  B8  T30
What a pretty Quickstep routine, it was very clean and precise with a great little story line, Fiona even looked as if she was enjoying herself and seemed more relaxed and at ease as if she had just won the jackpot at the ‘Casino Royale’

Rachel & Pasha Paso DoblĂ© C4  D6  L6  B6  T22
Rachel has worked extremely hard on her performance level this week, but I did feel as though some of her effort was a little forced in places, a little simpler choreography would have helped her as she was just out of her comfort zone which showed in her technique.

Mark & Iveta Waltz C7  D7  L7  B7  T28
Mark was very brave to start the routine solo and did extremely well showing good rise and fall and correct footwork, he then continued to show us good poise and a well-controlled routine which he should be very proud of.

Ashley & Ola Jive C7  D8  L8  B8  T31
Ashley has a good kick and flick action however a little more control on the finishing would have made it that more pleasing on the eye, he had great control on the lifts and stunts but he is still occasionally flat footed If he just finished his lines and works on his lowering action he will go far.

Susanna & Kevin  American Smooth (Foxtrot) C8  D8  L8  B8 T32
Susanna’s dancing makes me smile from ear to ear, her control and musical interpretation takes years to learn yet another lovely performance finished beautifully and delightful to watch.

Ben & Kristina Quickstep C6  D7  L7  B7  T27
A very light footed furious Quickstep, Ben’s timing was a bit off in places and I do agree totally with Len’s comment about some of the content of the routines being too much show and not enough dance, especially when the celebrity is obviously capable of more demanding figures.

Sophie & Brendan Cha Cha C7  D8  L7 B8  T30
Beautiful straight legs from Sophie, however I do feel that she is in a too higher heel which stops her from lowering the foot correctly and is pitching her too far forward so she occasionally becomes stompy and dances the traveling steps on bent knees.

Sunday’s result Show
The choreography of our professional show routines this series is Strictly out of this world, but I did not quite get the Geisha appeal to their routine? Shockingly Deborah & Robin and Patrick & Anya were both in the dreaded dance off, I feel that these two couples are very evenly matched, however Patrick did perform slightly better than Deborah but she did not deserve to leave this week, so we see Patrick and Anya strut their stuff again next week, Deborah, we will miss you as I know you will miss your Strictly experience, but please KEEEEP DANCING.