Sunday, 13 October 2013

Strictly Come Dancing Week 3 blog (the professionals choice)

Picture courtesy of the BBC
Strictly Come Dancing Blog 2013 WEEK 3
Louuuve week and could any of our celebrities be feeling the passion of the dance floor with their dancing counterparts? We all love a happy ending but two more couples will face the dreaded dance off and for one unlucky couple it is the end of the road.
Abbey & Aljaz    Jive C6  D7  L8  B7  T28
A great opening to Saturdays show from these two with them performing a red hot roaring Jive with lots and lots of recognisable content (did you spot some of your Jive routine?) I personally would have preferred to see a slightly stronger knee action from Abbey which would help to create the Jive energy it so demands, there were also a couple of times she slightly lost her rhythm but as a performance, I loved it.
Patrick & Anya   Foxtrot C6  D7  L7  B7  T27
I loved their entrance to one of the most memorable Nat King Cole songs “ Let there be love” There was some nice figures demonstrated but a closer body contact would have stopped Patrick stooping as much, help him to straighten the leg line and correct his footwork, but a smooth stylish performance.
Dave & Karen    Paso DoblĂ© (ish) C2  D5  L5  B4  T16
Erm…well….it was very entertaining but it did remind me of a bad magician performing an equally bad magic trick somehow!   The cape work reminded me of a ‘how not to put out a chip pan fire’ video I once watched but as the dance…walk… stomp….progressed Dave showed true signs of improvement, he has a very strong arm line and great facial expressions, however I did feel that the routine was lacking in Paso content and that it was the choreography that let him down this week.
Fiona & Anton   Waltz C7  D7 L7  B7  T28
Fiona has a gorgeous developĂ© action with combined strong arm lines all mixed together with a presence on the dance floor that just oozes potential, and this was truly an elegant Waltz with control which is one of the hardest things to master in a Waltz, there was however a little stumble which made her a little hesitant and lose a couple of marks but definitely ‘From Russia with Love’ go team Anton.
Rachel & Pasha Cha Cha C6  D7  L7  B7  T27 
A Quirky little Cha Cha from these two this week, Rachel, however would have created a better hip action by straightening the knee more rather than having both knees bent (Rule 1 if there is weight the leg must be straight) there were some lovely little step patterns and a fresh feel to their performance.
Mark & Iveta American Smooth (Foxtrot) C6  D6  L7  B7  T 26
A lovely smooth routine with a nice story line, Mark has good technique developing with good footwork and a strong presence on the dance floor.
Ben & Kristina Rumba C7  D7  L7 B7  T28
Rumba is the dance of love and several times during their routine even I had to turn my head away as I was blushing, I am so glad I was not watching their routine with my mum in the room! Ben does have a good style developing but I did not understand the whole unclipping Kristina’s hair thing, maybe as we saw in the VT before they danced he is a great dad and was just going to wash it for her.  Overall a very moving Rumba that was performed well just maybe a little too intense, do you agree?
Sophie & Brendan Samba C7  D8  L8  B8  T31
After last week’s amazing Charleston, I have to say I was a little disappointed with these two this week, the routine felt almost detached from the music almost as if it had been thrown together at the last minute, I did not feel any real performance and as for the two lamp posts that were stuck in the middle of the dance floor, it looked like a scene from Dickens rather than a party Samba, however there were some nicely danced Samba figures and Sophie does move really well, but as a performance and after what we know they can offer, this did not float my boat.
Julien & Janette Jive C4  D5  L7  B6  T22
A wild energetic approach to Julien’s jive this week, his rhythm did falter several times and a stronger leg action would help more but a good attempt.
Susanna & Kevin Viennese Waltz  C8  D9  L9  B8  T34
Susanna you have done it again! Simple, effective, beautifully told, elegant, crisp and precise just exactly how a Viennese Waltz should be demonstrated, I could watch it over and over again. Well done you two.
Vanessa & James Tango C3  D5  L6  B6  T20
I loved the beginning to their routine involving the other female professionals, it allowed Vanessa to really show us her feisty attitude, Vanessa works so hard and it shows every time we see her perform, I actually thought though, that her hair style did not help to create good lines and shaping for her Tango as it was too wafty and over emphasised her Top Line, the routine just lacked a little power and passion for me.
Ashley & Ola Samba C8  D8  L7  B8  31
Ashley has a good upper body movement showing fluidity which is what makes Samba a very difficult technical dance for a male to master he has great musicality but the placing of his feet did need more work (Rule 2, A good bottom half technique and the body will follow) a slip up towards the end made him lose his confidence slightly but a very good attempt.
Natalie & Artem Rumba C9  D9  L9 B9 T36
This is how exactly a Rumba should be danced, beautiful, heartfelt, Inspirational and true, with some amazing choreography performed effortlessly, Artem really is using Natalie’s talents to the best, and easily deserving a ten in my opinion.
Deborah & Robin Quickstep C7  D7  L77 B7  T28
After Natalie and Artem’s amazing Rumba I thought I could not be more surprised but Deborah you should be so proud of yourself, you looked a million dollars and right at home on the dance floor, very light and full of energy what more could we ask for from a Quickstep, great to watch, Keep up the great work.
Sunday Result Show.
A beautiful, Viennese Waltz opening to the results show from our professional dancers, effortless and graceful.  Julien & Janette and Vanessa & James in the dreaded dance off with both couples showing signs of improvement but unfortunately Vanessa & James (who I think has been truly inspirational) end their Strictly journey and we see Julien dance again next week.