Sunday, 22 December 2013


Picture Courtesy of the BBC

Strictly first ever all girl final, it only seems like two minutes since we were meeting our celebrities for the first time, I remember predicting that Natalie & Artem were the ones to watch, but now I think it could be anyone’s game, all week I have being asking people who they would be voting for on Saturday night and the replies were really mixed, it is just going to go to the lady who performs her heart out the most.

A slick cheeky Cha Cha opened the first part of our Final from all our professional dancers and the four remaining finalist Natalie, Abbey, Susanna and Sophie.

Susanna & Kevin Judges Choice Quickstep C8  D9  L10  B10  T37
Susanna danced very high on her scatter chasse’s and looked so relaxed throughout the whole routine, her timing and footwork were excellent and made me smile from start to end.

Show routine C9  D9  L9 B9 T36
A beautiful American Smooth Waltz very emotionally portrayed, Susanna you started this competition sat on a sofa and have become a beautiful dancer.

Abbey & Aljaz Judges Choice WaltzC10  D10  L10  B10  T40
For me this has to be the most perfectly danced Waltz ever to grace our screens, beautifully styled, the simplicity, poise and control was unbeatable and a real tear jerker.

Show Routine C9  D10  L9  B10  T38
Great drama, great performance, great dance, I did not understand the bit when they stood on the giant BBQ and were smoked but a very powerful Paso.

Natalie & Artem Judges Choice Cha Cha C9  D10  L10  B10  T39
A lovely Cha Cha performance with amazing strict timing on the syncopations coupled with amazing arm lines finished in true professional style, I personally did not understand why the judges chose this dance for them as it was not one of their strongest and I personally would have liked to see a slightly straighter leg at times from Natalie  but it did give Artem a chance to wear his traditional costume again.

Show Routine C10  D10  L10  B10  T40
This has to be the performance of the night a true show dance performed with pizazz, poise and perfection, amazing changes of rhythm danced with ease and a relaxed style that made every movement look perfect.

Sophie & Brendan Judges Choice Viennese Waltz C9  D10  L10  B10 T39
Maria Von Trapp’s favourite things and Sophie this was one of my favourite Viennese Waltzes of the series, a much improved Top Line than we have seen in previous weeks, there was a little stumble on the rotary reverse turns towards the end of the routine but effortless and beautiful.

Show Routine C8  D9  L9  B9  T35
Sexy Samba show dance time! A wonderful light and airy routine maybe a little careful when approaching the lifts but they really were wowalicious!
Then came the part nobody wanted to watch, who was going to leave at the very last hurdle?
She has had an amazing time on Strictly but we said goodbye to Sophie who I know will continue dancing and will treasure her time on the dance floor for years to come.

Susanna & Kevin Own Choice Paso Doblé C9  D10  L10  B10  T39
I loved this routine the first time and loved it even more the second, an amazing traditional Paso creating all the drama of the bullfight, Susanna whatever happens you should be very proud of all your performances.

Abbey & Aljaz Own Choice Quickstep C9  D10  L10  B10  T10 
This has to be the liveliest Quickstep routine of the series, full of pure technique with very advanced step patterns and an energy level that was off the scale.

Natalie & Artem Own Choice American Smooth C10  D10  L10  B10  T40

Before our 2013 champion was crowned we were joined by all our series eleven celebrities, one last time, It has been the highest standard series ever, with routines that would look at home on any competition floor, but there could be only one winner and the 2013 Champions were Abbey & Aljaz who were very deserving but to be honest any of them could have lifted the trophy.

So for 2013 it is just left for me to say thank you, for reading, have a wonderful Christmas and I wish everybody all the luck in the world for 2014, do not forget the best of series eleven highlights BBC Red button, satellite and cable viewers, Monday 23rd December, the Festive Special Christmas Day at 5pm BBC1 and the Live Strictly tour at an arena near you early next year, do Keep happy, Keep healthy and Keeeeeeep dancing!!!!

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Strictly Come Dancing 2013 Blog WEEK 12

Picture Courtesy of the BBC 
Strictly Come Dancing Blog WEEK 12
SEMI FINALS week and with the standard at its highest ever, whoever leaves the competition at this stage is surely going to be devastated, but who is your favourite to be crowned Strictly Champion 2013?

Natalie & Artem Salsa C10  D10  L10  B10  T40
As always a great presentation and performance from this hard to beat couple showing great style and musicality, I personally would prefer to see an earthier danced Salsa with a slightly stronger knee action, yet as always, priceless.

Patrick & Anya Waltz C9  D9  L9  B9  T36
An elegant and graceful Waltz with some very nice shaping and poise from Patrick, I found the music very difficult to follow in the first part of the routine which made them look to be dancing off time, but maybe it was just my ears? Still a great job.

Sophie & Brendan Paso Doblé C8  D9  L99 B9  T35
Such a dramatic Paso, full of attitude and presence, to start with a continuous ‘Pot Stirrer’ which is extremely difficult to hold and control and Sophie made it look easy and it was great to see Sophie oozing with confidence.

Susanna & Kevin Foxtrot C9  D9  L10  B10  T38
Foxtrot, the floating, flowing dance and flow and float it did, there were a couple of little footwork issues from Susanna but overall a great performance.

Abbey & Aljaz Samba C9  D10  L10  B10  T39
For me I thought this was the dance of the evening a great sexy Samba full of Brazilian spirit and no nuts! An amazing true Samba action that portrayed a technically perfect routine and easily deserving a ten, and I wish Craig would not keep going on about the double bounce action in Samba, just for the record the only bounce action in Samba is through the hips and not shown with any rise and fall or bobbing action in the rest of the body.  (Bob Dale 1927 - 2005)

Natalie & Artem Argentine Tango C9  D9  L10  B10  T38
A very technical performance again from Natalie but I did feel it lacked slightly in the Argentine drama, I agreed totally with Bruno’s comment on it being clinical as it did have a clean and precise almost balletic finish which was not helped because of Natalie’s height and if she had just softened the knee more it would have created a softer flow.

Patrick & Anya Paso Doblé C7  D8  L9  B9  T33
Patrick really wanted to show his acting side and on the whole his Paso did have attitude, however I thought his head line was too stiff which then meant the Spanish lines and influences became slightly robotic but he did do all the Matadors of the world proud.

Sophie & Brendan American Smooth (Foxtrot)  C8  D9  L9  B10  T36
This has to be one of the most glamorous American Smooth we have ever been graced with, the control on the lifts was mesmerising, there were a couple of little issues with Sophie’s head line whilst dancing solo, but I loved it.

Susanna & Kevin Salsa C8  D8  L8  B8  T32
For me this was a true Salsa, yes there were a couple of the finishes that could have been slightly tighter but it had a Salsa groove and earthy approach with enough to tease but do not touch.

Abbey & Aljaz American Smooth (Foxtrot) C9  D10  L10  B10 T39
This was the most confident we have seen Abbey perform yet a truly graceful, effortless performance with musicality and style, If you did not have a smile on your face watching this routine then you need to seek medical advice, the transformation from week one to week twelve has been truly inspirational and if we could bottle it we would all be winners.

Sunday Results Show
A magical opening to our results show from our Strictly dancers along with the world famous magician Dynamo, but what an unexpected twist to our competition! Patrick & Anya and Natalie & Artem in the dreaded dance off, Very unfair for Patrick & Anya who danced their socks off, Patrick you entered Strictly as an accomplished actor and have left with your head held high (and to the left) as an accomplished dancer.
It is going to be a very exciting close final Susanna & Kevin, Abbey & Aljaz and Natalie and Artem.

Sunday, 8 December 2013


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Strictly Come Dancing Blog WEEK 11

Quarterfinals week and with our six remaining couples not only fearing the intensity of the final being two weeks away, but this week they also have to cope with dancing twice  as its Swingathon week.

Ashley & Ola Salsa C8  D9  L9  B9  T35

What a performance! Ashley has worked extremely hard on his Salsa this week and the control on his lifts and tricks was off the scale, I personally would prefer to see him in a slightly higher Cuban heel as he is quite flat footed and needs a little more knee action to create a truer hip action but for me this was Ashley’s best performance to date.

Natalie & Artem Paso Doblé C9  D9  L8  B9  T35

A very dramatic performance of a Paso Doblé and a very balletic show routine but I have to agree with Len about the traditional content (or lack of) the story of the Paso is the male taking the part of the matador and the girl being his cape but as they were dancing apart for the majority of the routine it just felt more like two solo performances rather than a duet. (Sorry guys you know I think you are fab)

Patrick & Anya Rumba C8  D10  L9  B9  T36

A masculine Rumba with a strong action developing, with good use of arm lines and positions, there were however quite a few heel leads from Patrick, but I loved the tension they created.

Susanna & Kevin Argentine Tango C8  D8  L8  B8  T32

I loved the concept of this routine dancing an Argentine to Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal, I did feel that the routine was a little stompy in places rather than the creeping, sliding feel the Argentine should have, it was intense and the choreography fitted the music very well it was just a little clinical.

Abbey & Aljaz Viennese Waltz C9  D9  L9  B10  T37

An excellent Viennese Waltz with fantastic choreography, Abbey has just secured her place in the final with this routine, her upper body, in hold, was just beautiful with just the right amount of curve in her back, which takes years of experience to hold for any amount of time, she did lose her arm line slightly in the second half of the routine but did keep the energy level throughout, I would have scored this a ten and Abbey is the most improved in this year’s series and now really looks like a true dancer.

Sophie & Brendan Tango C9  D8  L8  B9  T34

This dance should have been Sophie’s best dance yet, but for me it lacked the intensity  of a Tango, I loved the story and the overall performance I just felt that Brendan looked as if he was really having to work too hard.


The Jiving, Lindying, Swinging free for all, where all our couples get to battle out on the floor at the same time as in a real dancing competition, it is very difficult to give an honest opinion on any couples performance as the camera angles made it difficult to watch them all collectively, however I suppose the judges’ decision is final and they scored as follows;

Susanna & Kevin 1, Ashley & Ola 2, Abbey & Aljaz 3, Sophie & Brendan 4, Patrick & Anya 5, Natalie & Artem 6.

Sunday Results Show

A terrific titanium opening from our Strictly dancers but with both are remaining male celebrities in the dreaded dance off, you knew there was going to be tears. Ashley & Ola and Patrick & Anya both danced their hearts out and Ashley & Ola will be missed but Patrick & Anya are through to next week’s SEMI FINAL! The judges however were not unanimous in their decision, and Len got a little uptight as Bruno, Craig and Darcey all saved Patrick. 

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Strictly Come Dancing WEEK 10 Blog

Picture courtesy of the BBC

Strictly Come Dancing Blog WEEK 10

‘Musical Week’ as we reach the last few stages of this years competition and our seven gallant couples become six which of them is going to be all Broadway glamour and who will be walking the Yellow Brick Road home, an amazing opening from our professional dancers to ‘Anything goes’ from the musical of the same name which has been running for over seventy nine years and still makes you want to get up and dance, it really is getting difficult to pick the finalists from this years celebrities as the bar is so high, I think we are going to be in for a few disappointments over the next couple of weeks so KEEEEEEP VOTING!

Patrick & Anya Charleston C8  D10  L10  B10  T38

For energy alone Patrick deserved tens, it just never stopped or faded, great style, great presentation and great energy, I did however find the music very difficult to follow and easily find the Charleston swing, but Patrick smashed it.

Natalie & Artem American Smooth Foxtrot C9  D9  L8  B10  T36

Beautiful fluid movements with perfectly finished lines and musical interpretation made this a true professional performance, however I did feel that the ending lost energy and emotion somehow, and I did agree with Lens comment on the Foxtrot content, an American smooth should still be two thirds Foxtrot and one third lifts and breaks in tradition hold, but you cannot help swaying around on the sofa when watching these two together.

Mark & Iveta Samba C7  D7  L7  B8  T29

A true Samba showing great content and a good standard of technique, there were a few stonking heels at times but I loved the presentation and Marks ability to make me smile when I’m watching him dance.

Sophie & Brendan Viennese Waltz C9  D9  L9  B9  T36

A lovely rotary Viennese Waltz with perpetual natural and reverse turns, a little lighter lilting action and a little straighter in the legs when closing the feet would have created a slightly smoother rotation and help to keep Sophie from leaning backwards as all the judges commented on it but none of them helped to correct it, but I loved the choreography and movement.

Abbey & Aljaz Salsa C10  D10  L10  B10  T40

WOW, I loved the presentation and constant energy levels, Abbey’s performance was incredible, I personally would have preferred to see the Salsa danced deeper into the floor, as they were quite light on their feet and the Disco music actually gave it more of a Hustle feel than a Salsa, but Abbey keep working this hard and we will see you in the final.

Ashley & Ola Rumba C8  D9  L9  B9  T35

Rumba is very difficult for a male to look masculine yet fluid and Ashley performed it perfectly there was some nice content and feeling to their routine it was clean and tidy and for me Ashley it was right on the money.

Susanna & Kevin Quickstep C7  D8  L9  B9  T33

This was one of the best Quickstep presentations we have seen this series, fast and furious with more content packed in than a tin of sardines, Susanna has wowed us and dances like she has been dancing for years, I crown Susanna Reid the dancer of the BBC award 2013!

Sunday Results Show
A Fame musical opening from our professional dancers that would look at home on any West End stage, but for the third time we see Mark & Iveta in the dreaded dance off, along with Ashley & Ola but Ashley and Ola make it through to the Quarter Finals. Mark you have been a star and strictly A1 performer, I hope you keep dancing.