Sunday, 20 October 2013

Strictly Come Dancing Week 4 blog

Pictures courtesy of the BBC
Strictly Come Dancing Blog 2013 WEEK 4

As our thirteen couples become twelve which couples will find themselves in the dreaded dance off, it is normally around week four that the pack really starts to divide but the way our celebrities are working hard I think it is still anybody’s game and with the added drama of Natalie suffering from a back injury could this be someone else’s time to shine?

Sophie & Brendan Foxtrot C8  D9  L9  B9  T35

A very graceful, elegant foxtrot with good rhythm and timing, good controlled footwork and good strong lines.

Fiona & Anton Rumba C4  D6  L6  B6  T22

I loved the opening to their routine this week, and I really thought we were in for a treat, but as they moved from the stairs down on to the main dance floor Fiona lost her flow, it would have helped if she worked on her leg and knee action a little more but as I thought some of the choreography was maybe a little too advanced for her at this stage she had obviously spent all her rehearsal time on learning the steps, come on Fiona dance as if ‘The world is not enough’

Mark & Iveta Cha Cha C3  D8  L8  B7  T26

‘Come on lad’ a great lively crowd pleasing routine with amazing rhythm and timing, a really enjoyable routine to watch, I personally would have preferred to see a little more Cha Cha content but as a performance I thought it was ace ‘Boys!’

Ashley & Ola Viennese Waltz C7  D8  L8  B8  T31

A well-choreographed Viennese Waltz, I did feel though that Ashley’s arm lines were a little too straight in places and then over softened in the second part of the routine, he was also quite flat footed, he obviously works endlessly hard week on week but again a little more attention to detail and the technique would of enhanced his overall performance.

Julien & Janette Salsa C4  D6  L7  B6  T23

Julien’s hard work is just beginning to pay off, he is slowly improving and with this well-polished Salsa you can now see the determination through his dance, however it is a little too wild and erratic in places, but is it enough as he has already been in the dreaded dance off for the last two weeks?

Rachel & Pasha Quickstep C5  D7 C7  B7  T26

Amazing true Pasha choreography coupled together lots of content, recognisable fast flowing figures a true red hot roaring Quickstep, Rachel lost her timing slightly which then made her upper body drop but this is one of the best week four Quicksteps we have ever been graced with.

Ben & Kristina Salsa C8  D8  L8  B7  T31

Full of tricks, stunts and extremely well controlled lifts, I would have preferred to see a slicker leg action to have really put the icing on the cake but go Ben go.

Deborah & Robin Jive C5  D6  L6  B6  T23

I loved Deborah’s lively approach and I wish Robin would have danced down a little as it made Deborah look like she was not trying hard enough, she was occasionally flat footed and her kicks towards the end of the routine were fading slightly, I think a little less wild choreography would have been better, but Deborah is obviously enjoying her time on the dance floor.

Natalie & Artem Quickstep C9  D9  L8  B9  T35

These two really are in a league of their own another amazing choreographed routine with amazing outfits performed amazingly, a true professional demonstration and easily deserving of a ten, but can they keep pulling the rabbit out of the hat? Darcey made a constructive comment of ‘sometimes less is more’ How true.

Patrick & Anya Cha Cha C8  D8  L9  B8  T33

A very well performed routine showing great musicality, fluidity, style and syncopation, a great moving male celebrity I cannot wait to see what else they bring to the floor.

Abbey & Alijaz Tango C9  D9  C9 B9 T35                                                                          

Their performance was mesmerizing and great little story line, straight in to the performance with a true staccato feeling, lovely body shaping and poise, Ballroom is definitely Abbey’s forte and puts her right up with the best, now if she works harder on her Latin to get it to the same standard she will easily make the final.

Dave & Karen Waltz C5  D6  L6  B6  T23

A good simple routine and with Dave being ‘Strictlyfied’ this week (which just means he had combed his hair and had a good wash) I really thought we were in for a treat, there were some recognisable steps with correct footwork and neat foot placements, however I think Dave needs to keep the comedy aspect to his routines to stay in the competition, but it was good to see the other side of him performing.

Suzanna & Kevin Samba C6  D7  L8  D8  T29

Suzanna you have done it for me again, a great lively Samba full of energy and passion, maybe a bit too wild in places but even Kevin had to really over dance to keep up with you. You go girl!

Sunday results show

A fabulous little segway to open the results show from our professional dancers, but did the swallow dive from our male professionals remind anybody of anything? Rachel and Pasha in the dreaded dance off (please!) along with Julien & Janette, but though Rachel did mess up a little we see her and Pasha dance again next week (thank goodness)