Sunday, 6 October 2013

Strictly Blog week two

Strictly Come Dancing 2013 Blog Week 2


As the dark nights slowly creep in over the country, the dance floor really starts to hot up and with all our contestants dancing their hearts out, and with the talent being one of the best we have ever been graced with on any series of Strictly, which of our couples will be first to leave? And with no Sir Bruce to watch over the proceedings what chaos would unfold……… actually none.


Suzanna & Kevin                              Tango                                    C7  D8  L8  B8  T31

It is now official Suzanna Reid is now my favourite news presenter ever! There was lots of content and strong staccato timing, however there was a slip up near the beginning and a little too much intense concentration, which then allowed her body to become disconnected from Kevin’s frame, but I do agree totally with Darcey’s comment, “Suzanna when are you going to give up your day job” well played.


Tony & Aliona                                   Charleston                          C2  D4  L4  B3  T13

A very daring dance choice for week two from these two this week, I liked the little golf storyline performed to It Don't Mean a Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing) Tony’s steps were correct and the performance overall was quite good, a little higher on the ball of foot would have helped the Charleston action and I loved the control on the lifts but is it enough to keep him in the competition?


Natalie & Artem                               Waltz                                    C8  D9  L8  B9  T34

A beautiful Waltz with great content, top line, poise and performance, there were however several little footwork issues that should lose them a point or two and I do feel that Natalie looked slightly hesitant in places, but you could see her Ballet training shining through on the beautiful leg extensions.


Dave & Karen                    American Smooth (Foxtrot)        C3  D5  L5  B4  T17

A very good dance choice for Dave this week, a lovely, lively little smooth number showing some good lines and poses, Dave now needs to work on his rise and fall to create the elegance and flow of this dance.


Patrick & Anya                  Tango                                                    C6  D7  L7  B7  T27

I loved the concept of their routine this week and Patrick had obviously rehearsed lots, overall it paid off, some of the steps were a little stompy, but a good attempt at a convincing Tango.


Deborah & Robin                Cha Cha                                             C5  D7  L6  B6  T24

A lovely little Cha Cha with great interpretation, the confidence Deborah oozed out at the beginning of the routine was fantastic, she now needs to work on her leg action and take more care with her footwork, but all the foundations are in the right place.


Rachel & Pascha               Salsa                                                      C4  D5  L6  B5  T20

Rachel’s legs go on for miles, and her hip thrusts were fantastic, again with some of the other celebrities a bit more work was needed on the technique to improve the overall performance at this early stage, however some elements of their routine were a little careful and the Salsa is not a careful dance, but keep up the hard work and start to take more chances which will keep you ahead of the other female celebrities.


Vanessa & James             Waltz                                                    C5  D6  L6  B6  T23

Vanessa’s VT of their training this week summed up what dance is all about, she was so overwhelmed by the emotion the dance created and the feelings that the movement gave her, to feel this having only danced for five weeks is amazing and truly special, I know Vanessa will continue dancing long after Strictly, because of all her emotion she now feels, dance is a passion,  she owned the floor, yes there were some technical issues with her leg line, but no celebrity in week two of Strictly ever has moved the nation as much as she did on Saturday night.


Julien & Janette                               Tango                                                    C3  D5  L5  B5  T18

A very dramatic Tango that reminded me of the King and I somehow, Julien now needs to work on his posture more to correct his performance, his feet were a little scatty and as with last week  I was expecting a more softer performance from him but I was pleasantly surprised.


Fiona & Anton                   Cha Cha                                                C6  D6  L5  B5  T22

Fiona you little sex kitten! A great little hip action and leg line, you own the dance floor and show great spirit ‘Nobody does it better’ unfortunately forgetting the steps towards the end of the routine is a real ‘Dr No’ and you did not really recover after that.


Mark & Iveta                      Salsa                                                      C4  D6  L7  B5  T22

Mark you are the envy of every male in the country, the moves you performed with Iveta are what most men dream of, you have a good little action developing, an amazing show performance, enhanced by Iveta but I loved every second.


Sophie & Brendan           Charleston                                          C9  D9  L9  B9  T36

This has to be one of the best, if not the best Charleston ever performed on Strictly, amazing choreography with fantastic lifts, performed, presented and polished to a tee, this was a real showstopper and I cannot wait to see this routine performed again! Sophie even gave Brendan a run for his money, if we were several more weeks into the competition I know we would have seen a couple of tens for this.


Ben & Kristina                   Waltz                                                    C6  D6  L7  B6  T25

This routine had the making of a great performance, everything was there, it just needed more, now learn to let your inhibitations go and feel the music a little more to help soften your performance.


Abbey & Alijaz                  Cha Cha                                                C7  D7  L8  B8  T30

These two really do have a special connection, but I think tonight the nerves got the better of Abbey, is she feeling the pressure perhaps? She has a great leg line it just needs pushing and extending a little further to show it off to the full potential.


Ashley & Ola                      American Smooth (Foxtrot)        C7  D9  L8  B8  T32

A very believable Smooth, with some very fancy footwork from Ashley, a couple of technical footwork issues which just took the edge of it for me, but I loved the content and the polished performance and cannot wait to see where these two go.


Sunday results Show


Another Burn the Floor number from our professional dancers to open the first results show for 2013, that put Julien & Janette and Tony & Alina in the dreaded dance off, both couples for me, deserved to be there and I agreed with the judges’ decision that we see Julien & Aliona dance again next week, for Louuuuve week!