Sunday, 29 September 2013

Strictly 2013 week one

 Picture Courtesy of the BBC

Strictly Come Dancing Blog 2013 Week 1


A great new studio set, brilliant new professionals to join our Strictly family and a celebrity line up that I think is really going to wow us this year, and no real joker in the pack everyone looks determined and as if they are in it to win it.


Friday Night Show

Ashley & Ola                      Cha Cha                                C 5  D6  L7  B7  T25

A very lively Cha Cha routine to open this year’s series, full of tricks and stunts, Ashley has a good strong presence on the dance floor and combined with a very carefully choreographed routine means that the hard work has already started for the celebrities who want to do well in this year’s competition.


Tony & Aliona                   Waltz                                    C2  D5  L5  B4  T16

Tony is very light on his feet, although a little hesitant in places, he shows good shaping in the arms, a little more relaxed in the shoulders though would help the overall appearance to his performance, but very good for first time out.


Mark & Iveta                      Tango                                    C5  D6  L7  B6  T24

A very well dramatised and characterised standard Tango with a great little storyline, it was obvious how much work had gone in to making this routine, and it paid off.


Susanna & Kevin              Jive                                        C6  D7  L8  B7  T28

O’ Susanna you little minx! A great lively Jive routine with great rhythm and timing and a surprising cartwheel at the end which gave her a deserving standing ovation from the studio audience, and to think that the BBC keep her stuck to a sofa all week, they just do not appreciate the talent they have working for them, I am really looking forward to see what Susanna has in store for us!


Sophie & Brendan           Waltz                                    C7  D7  L7  B7  T28

Some lovely shaping along with footwork and presence in this graceful Waltz routine which was portrayed beautifully.


Natalie & Artem               Cha Cha                                C8  D8  L8  B7  T31

One of this year’s bookies favourites to go all the way in the competition, and you can tell why.  Natalie if your Ballroom is half as good as your Latin then see you in the final, a truly week ten performance.


Saturday Night Show

The show was opened with one of the best performances from our professional dancers we have ever been graced with on Strictly, a real Las Vegas feel opening.

Ben & Kristina                   Cha Cha                                C3  D5  L6  B5  T19

A very good positive performance from Ben, his showmanship really shone through, there is still quite a lot of work needed in the studio but well danced.


Fiona & Anton                   Tango                                    C5  D6  L7  B6  T24

Once a Bond girl always a Bond girl! Fiona looked like a view to a kill, stunning, and performed the Tango characterisation beautifully, If anything I thought the routine, for a week one dance, was a little too full of content and a little over complicated but I cannot wait to see what else these two Moonraker maker.


Dave & Karen                    Cha Cha                                C2  D5  L5  B4  T16

A very lively, fun interpretation of the Cha Cha and I do feel that dancing Dave is going to keep us all amused and entertained for quite some time, but the little bit of Cha Cha content that he did dance was actually not at all bad, watch this space!


Rachel & Pasha                 Waltz                                    C6  D7  L7  B7  T27

This really was a beautiful interpretation of the Waltz, I always admire Pasha’s teaching skills as he does teach his partner to dance and to become a dancer, Rachel looked amazing moving around the dance floor and if Pasha works his magic on her Latin next week they could be one of the dark horses of this year’s competition.


Julien & Janette               Cha Cha                                C3  D5  L6  B6  T20

I thought Julien’s Cha Cha was very strong and masculine which did surprise me a little as I was expecting a softer approach to his dancing, there was so great line and shaping and now if he works on his leg action could have the makings of a real contender.


Deborah & Robin             Tango                                    C6  D6  L6  B6  T24

Their routine started off very well I thought with a strong entrance and confidence feel, but a few little mistakes half way through made it lose its energy and attack but overall a very good first attempt at one of the more difficult dances.


Patrick & Anya                  Jive                                        C7  D7  L7  B7  T28

I loved there routine as it made me smile from start to finish, Patrick has a great kick and flick action combined with true soul and rhythm, I loved the storyline and the fluid body movements, another real contender but very careful scoring from the judges I thought.


Vanessa & James             Cha Cha                                C3  D5  L6  B5  T19

A confident little Cha Cha routine, Vanessa’s timing was good but for me it was a very careful routine with a bit too much emphasis on gimmicks, but I did find the judges’ comments quit harsh and a little uncalled for a this early stage.


Abbey & Alijaz                  Waltz                                    C8  D8  L8  B8  T32

A stunning couple with an amazing beautifully told Waltz routine, graceful, elegant and pitched perfectly for an opening number, these two are definitely going to give Natalie & Artem a run for their money, I cannot believe she has had no previous dance experience, Wow!


Next week the voting starts, who will be the first dancing flop and who will be the leader of the pack? Next program is Saturday 6.20pm BBC 1