Sunday, 3 November 2013

Strictly Blog WEEK 6 Halloween Special

Picture courtesy of the BBC

Strictly Come Dancing Blog 2013 WEEK 6

Halloween Special, with more spookier goings’ on than a ghost train at midnight! As our eleven remaining couples become ten, who will treat us with their perfect performances and who will trick us with all stunts and no dance content? Overall I was a little disappointed in Saturdays Strictly Special compared with previous year’s, the production did feel a little rushed and everyone did seem a little tired, Do you agree?

Patrick & Anya Quickstep C8  D9  L9  B8  T34
Patrick started off a little weaker than in previous weeks, he was quite flat footed, heavy in the knees and off in his top line, but as the routine progressed he got much better and really started to perform to his normal standard mastering more complicated, speedier steps than normal.

Fiona & Anton Charleston C6  D7  L8  B7  T28
For me this was easily Fiona’s best dance to date, an amazingly well choreographed true Charleston routine, Fiona was fun in her presentation lighter on her feet than normal and performed the whole routine really well, her timing was off slightly a couple of times but I thought it was a real Thunderball, and I loved it.

Ben & Kristina Paso DoblĂ© C7  D8  L9  B8  T32
Ben obviously has been working really hard on his routine this week, and in the gym! The choreography as a show routine was fantastic; however there were still several technical issues with his footwork and arm lines, but as a performance it was great.

Sophie & Brendan Jive C6  D7  L8  B7  T28
I did not really understand the storyline behind their performance this week, Sophie looked as if she was playing it safe again and not letting go, it felt heavy and quite hard work on Brendan’s behalf who also looked a little off, Sophie now needs to concentrate solely on her technique, and let her hair down.

Natalie & Artem Viennese Waltz C9  D10  L9  B10  T38
I loved the production these two performed this week, a haunting show routine, they are matched well as performers, but I do agree with Len’s comment that the routine had more of an American Smooth Viennese Waltz feel than a traditional one, but as always it was flawless.

Mark & Iveta Paso DoblĂ© C6  D6  L7  B6  T25
Mark has some good, well controlled steps, it did feel a little limp at times and lost the true Paso feel of the Matador, especially with his little disco section which does show Mark’s fun side, however his timing and musicality are fantastic.

Rachel & Pasha American Smooth (Viennese Waltz) C7  D7  L8  B8  T30
A fabulous characterisation of this style, amazing true Pasha choreography a great Viennese Waltz, Rachel performed her heart out and made the whole routine look effortless, which is the main aim of any Viennese Waltz.

Ashley & Ola Tango C8  D9  L8  B8  T33
There were some good recognisable step patterns from Ashley this week, I am not quite sure if his top line and head line were distorted for him to stay in character as Frankenstein or whether it was a fault, his feet were a little sloppy at times but he showed great strength and staccato timing.

Abbey & Aljaz Rumba C8  D8  L9  B9 T34
Rumba, the dance of love and these two perform it wonderfully together, for a non dancer Abbey performs and moves fantastically, the energy they create together is truly inspirational.

Dave & Karen Jive C4  D5  L6  B4  T19
This was not one of Dave’s best performances however he did have quite a lot of Jive content in his routine, despite some of the judge’s comments and again he has worked extremely hard, even though he was a little flat footed, but has he done enough to stay or has he burnt out.

Susanna & Kevin Charleston C8  D8  L9  B9  T34
A great little Charleston routine, with great comical timing coupled with strong kicks and a great Charleston Swivelling action, I would have preferred a little straighter in the knees at times from Susanna, but to maintain the energy on such a speedy dance is really difficult and she did not falter one bit.

Sunday results show.
Another great opening from our professionals with the male pros being puppets! This has to be one of the most haunting Sunday results show’s ever with Abbey & Aljaz and Rachel & Pasha in the dreaded dance off, with neither couple deserving to be there, I honestly thought someone was playing a trick! Rachel did look very nervous and did make a couple of little mistakes, so unfortunately her Strictly journey ends, we will miss you Rachel, we see Abbey & Aljaz dance again next week (thank goodness).