Sunday, 17 November 2013


 Picture Courtesy Of The BBC

Strictly Come Dancing Blog WEEK 8
Its BLACKPOOL week and which of our celebrities will be soaring to the top of the tower and which will be limping back home like a lame donkey on the soggy sands? Blackpool is the best and the only Mecca for Ballroom dancing and to open Saturdays show, what could be more fitting than a carnival Samba with dancers of all ages all performing together on the best Ballroom floor in the World, Strictly perfect!

Sophie & Brendan Quickstep C7  D9  L9  B9  T34
To open the show at Blackpool must have been every celebrities dream and Sophie did not let anyone down, a great quality Quickstep, She was very light on her feet and the content was A1 this was easily Sophie’s best dance to date.

Patrick & Anya Samba C8  D9  L9  B9  T35
Patrick’s rhythm is truly natural and the content of their routine was fuller than a stick of Blackpool rock, Anya getting her foot caught up in her dress threw Patrick slightly and he did show signs of a few heel leads, but what a performance.

Ben & Kristina American Smooth (Viennese Waltz) C8  D8  L8  B8  T32
I loved the whole story these two created this week, the use of the other male dancers was epic, Ben’s movement around the floor is so light for a big bloke he did however look less confident when dancing solo, but a great technical Waltz.

Ashley & Ola Paso Doblé C8  D9  L9  B9  T35
The performance these two created was one fit for a stage, Ashley the Cowboy and Ola the Dance Hall Girl performing a Paso ‘yeehaw’ Ashley was so strong and dominant and for me he was stronger out of hold than in, mainly as his top line crushes slightly, but his cape work and level of intensity were ace.

Fiona & Anton American Smooth (Foxtrot) C6  D7  L8  B8  T29
Fiona looked a million dollars and performed stronger and better than ever, she created light and smooth steps the lift at the end however was a little awkward and her leg position was a bit ‘Dr No’ but I loved the flow and feel to their routine.

Abbey & Aljaz Quickstep C7  D10  L10  B10  T37
Abbey really does look right at home on the dance floor and to think that the only dancing she has done before was around her handbag, until Strictly and Aljaz swept her off her feet, there were a few little timing issues but I loved every second, Abbey believe in yourself now like we are all believing in you!

Mark & Iveta Jive C5  D8  L8  B8 T29
“You can’t stop the beat” Mark performing to this iconic theme from Hairspray, this really showed him to his best it was fun, fast and fabulous!

Susanna & Kevin Paso Doblé C9  D10  L10  B12  T39
Susanna Reid, You are the best celebrity cape we have ever been blessed with on Strictly, a true Paso Doblé performed with passion and power, this is one of the hardest dances to create the right amount of Drama, and Susanna you were right on the money and easily deserving of a ten Craig!

Natalie & Artem Charleston C9  D10  L10  B10 T39
I am so glad that Natalie was fit to dance again this week, and she did not let us down, great choreography, great styling and yet another great performance, I thought the musical arrangement sounded a little slow which just gave it a slight heavy feel, but these two really do perform so well together they could do a rain dance together and it would bring out the sunshine.

Sunday’s result show.
A brilliant ‘Ballroom Blitz’ group opening to our Sundays result show with all our couples (and judges!) performing. Mark & Iveta and Fiona & Anton were in the dreaded dance off and I thought both couples danced better and upped their game, the judges saved Mark & Iveta who we see dance again next week, but we will miss you Fiona Keeeep dancing!