Sunday, 10 November 2013

Strictly Blog WEEK 7

Picture courtesy of the BBC

Strictly Come Dancing Blog WEEK 7

Week seven already and after the upset of last weeks dreaded dance off when we lost Rachel & Pasha, and this week with Natalie unfortunately being taken ill at the last minute and not dancing at all, which of our remaining couples were next for the chop, as we reach the half way point of the competition the improvement in our celebrities should now be really showing, but who is showing signs of weakening?

Ben & Kristina Jive C4  D7  L8  B7  T26
Ben is certainly owning the dance floor, a great, very well performed Jive routine with a Double Twisting Pull Through, I personally would have liked to see a little higher knee and kick action, his timing also was off a couple of times, but he attacked the whole thing with passion.

Fiona & Anton Paso DoblĂ© C5  D7  L7  B7  T26
Fiona had some really nice shaping and strong Paso lines, I loved the true Paso DoblĂ© choreography, and this was one of Fiona’s best performances and easily ‘A View to a Kill’

Abbey & Aljaz Charleston C9  D9  L9  B9  T36
A fast, flirty and furious Charleston, light footed and quirky, a very well polished routine that was excellently performed the simplicity and enjoyment factor that they showed us was amazing.

Mark & Iveta Rumba C5  D6  L7  B5  T23
I liked what Iveta had tried to do with the choreography but unfortunately, it did not do it for me, I would have preferred just to see Mark dancing something a lot less showy and contained, Rumba is the dance of love and should be oozed and tenderised but having Dr Evil playing the lover to the music of Goldfinger just took the artistic licence a little too far I thought, Mark does work very very hard, but with the strained action and heel leads this could be his last secret mission.

Susanna & Kevin Waltz C9  D9  L9  B9  T36
A beautiful, simple and effortless Waltz, performed with true emotion, poise and presentation coupled with more rotary turns than a perpetual engine, I loved every second, and Susanna deserves to go all the way in this competition.

Dave & Karen Tango C4  D6  L6  B4  T20
I have to say that there were some recognisable steps in Dave’s routine this week and he did put his all in to it, although it was very stompy in places it was passionately performed.

Ashley & Ola Quickstep C8  D9  L9  B9  T35
A fast furious Quickstep, Ashley is very light on his feet and although his posture had improved his top line was still off at points I thought, a very competent performance that was very well danced with great energy.

Sophie & Brendan Argentine Tango C8  D8  L8  B8  T32
This for me was Sophie’s best dance without a shadow of a doubt, I loved the true choreography with the simplicity of the lines and the transition of the steps, beautifully performed.

Patrick & Anya American Smooth C9  D10  L9  B9  T37
I loved the opening to their routine this week, the energy and level of showmanship was fantastic, Patrick’s musical interpretation is purely natural, I loved the choreography and the style he showed throughout the routine there was a little slip at the end but he recovered very well and it did not distract from the mesmerising performance.

Sundays Result Show.

A fabulous opening for remembrance Sundays result show to the wonderful Punini Sisters and Sing Sing Sing, but with Dave & Karen and Mark & Iveta in the dreaded dance off and with both couples being similarly matched it was going to be no easy task for our judges, personally I felt that Dave & Karen danced slightly better than Mark & Iveta, as did Len, but the other judges chose Mark & Iveta who we see dance again next week in BLACKPOOL come on!